Penny Moon

 Lead Vocalist 

Before founding SpotLight, Penny was singing and entertaining audiences throughout the U.S., and in Germany, with various other bands and as a solo artist.   She is a versatile vocalist with a style all her own.  It’s smooth when she wants-it-to-be, down-right gritty when she needs-it-to-be and everything in-between to make the performance both fun and entertaining for the audience.  She can cover a beautiful ballad and then jump into a Pop, Top 40, Motown, Rock, Blues or Country number without blinking an eye.    





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Tim Schellhase is the man in black (and white).  Tim brings amazing lead country vocals and fantastic vocal harmonies to the band, along with his wicked-good guitar!  He plays both electric and acoustic guitars, as well as keyboards when the occasion calls for it.  





Eddie Collison is just one of those guys.  He can sing!  He can play the trumpet!  He can play keys! He makes it all look easy and he sounds...AMAZING!  





That driving beat keeps this band rocking!  Finding the sweet spot in the pocket is Jason's thing.  He's a great bass player who knows how to keep that thump thumpin' and the dance floor hoppin'.  





This....This is the guy who keeps is all together for the entire band.  The drummer.

His sense of timing must be impeccable and he must know dynamics behind the kit. 

Stephen Haake has these qualities and more.  Best drummer ever who plays on a Pearl MCX Masters Custom drumset!  







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