Penny Moon

Lead Vocalist 

Before founding Copper Creek, Penny was singing and entertaining audiences throughout the U.S., and in Germany, with various other bands and as a solo artist.   She is a versatile vocalist with a style all her own.  It’s smooth when she wants-it-to-be, down-right gritty when she needs-it-to-be and everything in-between to make the performance both fun and entertaining for the audience.  She can cover a beautiful ballad and then jump into a Pop, Top 40, Motown, Rock, Blues or Country number without blinking an eye.    



Davis Wilton Baeder

Guitarist/Backing Vocals


"Davis Wilton Bader is a St. Louis native and has been playing guitar for 12 years. Whether he is playing a funky rhythm part or shredding a solo, his sound is sure to catch your ear and have you moving! In addition to being the guitarist for CC, Davis has his own solo project, teaches guitar, and composes for film.


Randall Eickmeyer

Bass Player for Copper Creek


 Holding down the bottom end for Copper Creek is bassist,

Randall Eickmeyer.  Randall can play a rich, warm bassline on a beautiful

ballad and then jump into a Stevie Wonder rhythmical showcase in the blink

of an eye. 

He's also very charming and single.


Jason Hoeing

Drums/Percussion for Copper Creek    


Don't let this mild-mannered art teacher from Kirkwood High fool

you.  There's a Phil Collins knock-off behind that drumset and

yeah, he sings too! He sets the time and runs the band, so

that we all stay in sync.  No pun intended.

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